Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WEDO)
is a global initiative with the mission to
celebrate, support, and empower
women in business worldwide.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED) is the world’s largest celebration
of women innovators and job creators launching startups
that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare.


Women in developed and developing nations alike are becoming increasingly active participants
in local and global economies at a rapid rate.
Today, in the United States, 38% of 
new businesses are founded by women,
but only between 2-6% of them receive VC funding.
recent survey of 350 woman-owned tech startups revealed that 80% of founders used their own savings
to launch their businesses. At the same time,
an increase of women in leadership positions 
from zero to just 30%
is associated with a 15% increase in profitability.
Women are the world’s most responsible borrowers,
paying back microloans worldwide 
today at a 97% rate of return.
90% of the money they earn is used to educate their children and to 
provide for their families.


“Women perform 66% of the world’s work, yet only earn 10% of the world’s income and at the same time, women account for 85% of consumer purchases and control $20 trillion in worldwide spending”

These figures are incredible, confronting, and exciting!
“Women account for 85% of consumer purchases”.
This is power.
Every dollar we spend makes an impact.
You are invited to mindfully choose the impact your dollars make.

How can you help? Choose to support women-owned businesses today.
Choose women authors to read, women filmmakers to watch.
Choose to follow women’s feeds, share their voices, share their music, comedy, art, technology.
Choose women as leaders. 

Because every time you choose one woman, you support all women, everywhere.

#CHOOSEWOMEN is a social impact campaign – celebrated on Wednesday 1st, 2021.
You can support the campaign by buying from women every day and especially on Wednesday, December 1